I Am Undefined

From my infancy, one thing that defined me was my name but still my name wasn’t a definition of who i was but who i was just to be called.

People might know me,know of me but they still can’t find exact words to define me.

Some think I’m peaceful,quiet and calm
While others think I’m loud,chatty and even arrogant.

They don’t know whether I bring hapiness or rather sadness
This is because sometimes I do attract trouble but I still have the capability in me to solve problems.

Can u define me then? Through my own nature I am undefined.Biology can define me as human,but being human doesn’t conclude that I’m all human,there is an Angel in me.

Art can define me with beauty but there is so much beauty within me than what you see from the outside.

Science can define me as a creature but I know I’m the best creature of all creations.

My appearance does not define who I really am. It just says much about how i intend to appear before the public.

My language nor my tone might define where I come from, I can define where I come from but where I come from will never define me or rather define my journey.

The colour of my skin can define my race and my heritage but still can’t define me who I really am.

My background nor my past can define what I’ve previously been through and still can’t define my presence or my future.

My attire might define how I prefer to look like but still not define who I really am.

My actions are just an everyday act of who I intend to be and that still can’t define me

My mistakes or flaws are just there to make an emphasis that I’ve once done wrong, they still can’t define what’s right for me.

Not even my success or my failure can define me.
I am not specific or explicit,I have a lot of various qualities in me and that makes me undefined still.

I might be a bit younger but my age won’t define me, my age can never limit me to reach above the limits.

It is because I am undefined that I can make greater things for myself, for my loved once and even my enemies.

I might sometimes bring misery to people I love but I still manage to bring so many uncountable smiles to them at the end.

The sky has never been the limit for me ,I can go far beyond limits.I just choose to shine a bit brighter and stay undefined.

The End Of My Beginning

It wasn’t that long ago when I’ve started the race,my varsity level kind of race. I might have felt a bit jumpy at the beginning but today I’ve reached the finishing line. Years have passed so rapidly,I was seated there still filled with thoughts when I noticed it was almost my turn to walk across the stage.

I stood up feeling all thankful,there was an emotional cheer from the side where my family was seated.It was my turn to walk literally towards that degree I’ve worked hard for,it was just a piece of writing of course but the value of it had more than what life itself could offer.

While others were already thirsty for being in a workplace environment, longing for a new experience to their lives. Others were stil confused on what happens next,but I was certain I had just begun. See I had a winner’s mind in me and that gave me courage and strength to continue studying. I had companions who gave me the best possible and yet positive advices.

I knew it was just the end of my first achievement, I knew I’ve just opened one closed door for my success and I still needed to open a few more.I knew I was already a star but I still needed so many stars to shine in me.I knew I had to continue doing what made me a star in the first place.

I’ve reached the finishing line and it was about time I start over and over again as if I had just begun. One thing I value about learning is that we can always learn more and even better after each lesson. They say education is the key to success and I further add that through education there is a key of learning,not just learning but learning endlessly. And the key to learning endlessly is the desire to know what is above what we have originally learned.Then learning will live within us,to learn as much as we can by ourselves and from others.As a star that you are,you will shine even brighter.

The end wasn’t enough for me so I just called it the end of my beginning,because I was still hungry, filled with eagerness to learn more. I’ve realized that it is in fact at the end when u feel as though you have just begun. What was at the end just needed to be done continuously without ending. Maybe the end of it could finally be The End Of All Endings and I’ll know I’ve done it all.

The Power Of Poverty

Being poor is the most encouragus status I’ve known
I have to confess I was born in a family of little possession
Though I keep myself appealing
I know I don’t upgrade with time in my attire or looks
Yet I have hope that I will graduate and upgrade my entire family.

I do admire the good life,I envy a rich child who is sorrounded by servants,One with a higher standard of life and class
One who moves with the time,being sorrounded by everything of a luxurious manner.

Well when I think of my Varsity life,what I’ve seen and experienced and how far I’ve come I’m actually proud to say I was born poor but actually rich in mind.I didn’t have much with me so I engaged myself with people who were of my standard,and we all felt richer around each other.
I still managed to progress in stars like a rich child and even better.

It Isn’t a rich child’s fault that they were born rich but it’s surely their fault if they do not make their own name in the name of what their parents have.It Isn’t my fault that I was born poor but it will surely be my fault if I would grow poor and not make a name for my entire family and for myself.

I’m sorrounded by everything of a lower quality,my inferiority makes me humbly beg for success so bad that It keeps me awake at night. My presence might be ignored now while yours is admired,praised and filled with companions but soon everyone will turn at my direction.

I long for change in my poverty life But because you are rich you don’t necessarily have a reason to make a change, there isn’t anything you would change in your life since your wants and needs were fullfilled at birth,then you become so relaxed, comfortable and ignorant.

I used to say to myself I wish I wasn’t born in my own family,but maybe in a more wealthier one.But now I’m thankful of where I was born and raised,because I’ve seen the power of poverty and instead of shutting me down it actually developed my mindset.Poverty can never be an excuse for my success it is in fact my motivation to succeed.

A Child That Prays

He is a child that Prays
 And being  a child of prayer doesn’t necessarily make him a saint or conclude that he is free from sin,It simply means he is aware of his own conscience,he knows the Word and he earnestly tries to live with It through prayer.

He was born in a family that feared God
A family that Prays
He has known Prayer the moment he became part of them as though from birth,yes his family.

He then acquired a different life as a child,a life of Prayer. Realized that prayer is not even close to magic event that can be controlled by humans,because he has seen the capability of Almighty a thousand times.

Prayer has lowered his pride and ego
He came to realise that the more he prays the more his future becomes sharpened and brightened
He Prays for his  loved once more than himself 
Because their happiness is like a blessing to his life
When he feels lonely and discouraged
Prayer gives him courage and turns his spirit on.

I asked myself what tought him to pray,what reminds his to still pray everyday,what gives him courage to pray during sunrises and when sun sets.

Then I thought maybe it’s because he needs so much from Above.I thought it was because of his everyday struggle,daily challenges,his failure,his loneliness,his sorrows,temptations he comes  across,and maybe his doubts and worries.

Until I figured he was just a child that prays,for he continues to pray even when he is aware Almighty already has a plan for his life.He never stops praying even when he feels he has everything he asked for because he knows God can give him more than he expects.He never stops thanking Almighty after He has delivered what he needed.

I tried to find several ways on which I can define him and only A Child That Prays I could find,and through prayer he really became a child that prays.

You Were Born Good Enough 

You tried to live a sanctified life.You were made hallow and then purified.You left behind your unrighteous character but still your presence to them  wasn’t divine enough.

It’s actually easy for you to look back at that vicious life because even after you tried to change it’s never good enough.You used to be their favourite everything but not anymore and that makes you feel as though you were always destined to misfortune.

Now you still feel as though you living life through a mirror,life that is just reflected back at you so that you could follow it’s reflection.But still the reflection is too dark to show you light.You tried to beautify your style and appearance before the public with that of a humble manner but still it wasn’t enough.

Trying to live as uncommon as you can and yet it isn’t enough.You transformed your wicked nature with only love and acceptance even though you felt unappreciated.You became patient even though you knew you had to let go but they still wanted more than you can give.

At times you think it’s because you are not pretty and smart enough that you aren’t good enough but trust me you don’t need to be that to be good enough.I actually believe that life will always start by throwing so many stones at you before throwing you with lemons.

Those who think you aren’t good enough today will someday need you,yes the moment you are far gone it’s when they will start to realise how good enough u were.One other reason you were born is because even Almighty knew you are good enough,But now that you have no one’s attention but His just as you are,know that you are unconditionally good enough.

His Endless Capability

Negative outcomes are there in our daily lives to awaken our positive sides,to debilitate us,to test our faith or even our patience, but at the same time making us even tougher.

The normality of life is that we have to sometimes encounter and endure both the good and the bad.I mean there isn’t anything good about something bad and yet there isn’t anything bad about something good.So I will have to add that we all want what’s good in our lives.

But when reality and nature stricks you need not to worry about the bad.You’ve been letdown so many times,lost trust,hope and confidence in yourself but remember that after every failure comes success.

When your days seems to be gloomy, people turn away from you but still know that after every rejection comes acceptance,you will always be favoured by God anyway and because of His favour your dark days won’t actually last forever,keep in mind that after every darkness comes brightness.

You might be having tough times striving to get where you want to be,when no one else believes in you but be sure to believe that after every misfortune comes a blessing so never give it all up.Just pray on,the same God who brightened your gloomy days will surely bless you,because after every prayer comes an answer.

And by the time He’s done blessing you they will eventually believe in you as they discover your gifted being.People might have been unfaithful to you,watching you live a lie because of their deceptions but always keep your peace knowing that after every betrayal comes faithfulness.

You will soon be sorrounded by people with loyalty and support,and besides the same God who blessed you will always be faithful to you.You might have been judged because of your actions,where you felt so belittled and that no one understood you,but don’t look down on yourself because of people’s perspectives see after every misjudgement comes acknowledgment.

And like we all know it the same God who’s been faithful to you can only judge you.You lost people you love of which Is a very lonely feeling but stay strong knowing that after every sadness or grief comes a bliss and that’s perfect happiness.In Him there’s always inner peace.I Even add figuratively that after every overflow be it of heavy rains or floods there shall be a brighter day.

Through the hardest storms or hurricanes there’s always clearness and calmness.So don’t be frightened,your Sunday morning is only a few days away.Through your struggle and all your unlucky events never stop trying because after every misfortune one day a miracle will come because of course He is….endlessly in charge and capable.

Flashbacks Of My early Life

This might be the moments I hardly remember
But yet so far the happiest time of my life
Without any obligations I was still free
Before life took away my pure essence
When I was still free of flaws or imperfections.

When my heart was a bit warmer
And my mind and soul were still purer
And yes like they say it”before life removed my innocence”
How I wish life was easy and simple just like back then
When I was just my parent’s little Angel
My mother’s child,my daddy’s biggest fan.

Because I was just a child,I cried most of the time, but i swear the pain can never compare to the one that makes me cry In my current moments,now that I no longer have my innocence,my mind,soul,and my heart have became weak and tired already
See when I remember back then I just lived to play and just play fair,not the current game of heartbreaks,lies,backstabbing ect.

The game was much like coming back from school late just because we had to clean classes for fun And yes coming back without my shoes.
I mean I was not worried or bothered about tomorrow.

The only fight or trouble I could get into was when I stole that beautiful toy my friend had
When I didn’t want to eat proper meals but sweets.

Used to play different games with friends,true friends.We would sing,have little fake tea parties,the worst but fun part was that we even used to steal food at home to cook in our little houses.I mean it was so easy to build a nice but fake house for a day and just play around it until late.

It’s like we were planning life in some sort of a game
The only difference is that today’s life can never be like our little play
I was just a kid but intelligent enough to know what’s right and wrong
I knew how to love the right way and that’s sharing and caring.

I didn’t actually understand why but I knew I had to respect my parent’s wishes
I was so smart and clever to listen to their advises
It’s actually sad now that I have grown and matured,I often act so irresponsible and immature

There’s no life I’d rather prefer than my early life ,the early Me.And there’s no place I’d rather be but in my early life.If I had a time machine I would just go back and stay there as child as I can be.